Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Death Again!

Yes, it's that Grim Reaper chappy again, but this time he brings good news. The click-onable effort to your left came joint first in this week's caption competition. I would have been the outright winner had a certain individual got home from work earlier and not missed the voting deadline by twelve minutes. Still, rules is rules and we all ought to abide by them. My fellow winner had more second place votes than I did so choosing next week's caption goes to him, which is only right and proper. And I am still beaming like a lighthouse.
Everything just seemed to hang together for me this week. The caption immediately suggested Death to me. A bit morbid perhaps, but still, never mind. My very first thought was to have him appear to some Second World War soldiers in action, but it struck me that this would be more poignant and not at all funny - especially in light of the fact that British soldiers are still being brought home to grieving families to this day.
So, rather than referring directly to fatal consequences, what about referring to potential fatal consequences? At this point the image of those Manhattan workers eating their lunch on a girder high above the city popped into my head. A little bit of pictorial research later and voila! the resulting cartoon that got me joint first place.
I have noticed that my most successful cartoons depict a frozen moment in time when something unexpected takes place (viz. my Bride of Frankenstein cartoon somewhere in the archives). The chap sitting on Death's immediate right is still eating his sandwich just as the Grim One appears. It is always a delight when the left and right hemispheres of the cranial grey jelly work in tandem. I just wish they would get it together more often. Your author and artist is one heppy heppy ket.