Monday, 1 August 2016

Realitee Tee Vee

Okay, a very quick update. This was my entry to the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain Caption Competition a week ago. The theme was Reality T.V. I got four points which is a relief as I thought I was heading towards Crackerjack pencil land.
If you are too young to get the Crackerjack reference, shouldn't you be in bed or doing your homework or something?
Mrs. Brendini pointed out that all my aliens look like octopusses (octopus? octopussies? What the hell is the plural?). I put this down to reading too many H. P. Lovecraft stories in my formative years. But his tales are of nothing compared to the horrific prospect of Trump as the man with his finger on the nuclear button. There are worrying intimations of Stephen King's The Dead Zone being echoed in real life here.
Anyway, I'm just clearing the decks for my next post, which I have been meaning to publish for months and months!
Stay tuned!