Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Vegetarian Cartoon By Brendini

The scribble on your left is my entry for the Cartoonist's Club of Great Britain Caption Competition number 99. I gathered a rather lovely ego-boosting ten points, but the laugh-out-loud winners may be perused at your leisure by clicking on the word here. HERE. The theme was vegetarianism. The, um, entity in the dock is a lettuce and my original caption was going to be "Hannibal Lettuce, you are accused... etc. etc." Then, after a while, I thought that my wording was labouring the point a bit too much, so I just let the mask establish the accused's identity.
The Judge is a carrot, not a parsnip and the barrister is a tomato and not a rubber ball. I feel it is important, at times, to point these things out. Oh ambiguity has its place and I'm all for it ordinarily, but not in the case of this cartoon. I believe in calling a spud a spud. I believe in calling... oh never mind.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Further On Down The Road

Welly well well, what have we here? This, O best beloveds, is Brendini's very first venture into digital colour and as bright as bright can be. It was my entry for the weekly caption competition over yonder (this is yonder). Who is it? It is the Iceni Warrior-Queen, Boudica (It was always Boadicea when I were nowt but spangshuttler to a wragworp's bollygurner) and, as you can see, through my usual artistic endeavour I have managed to turn this noble and fierce woman into the Iceni Giraffe-necked lady. If you click on said illumination it will grow into an enormous portrait. Having done that, you will also see, I think, that despite the disproportionate body length and stuff like that, she is a bit of a fox. If you say that last bit in your own head in a Leslie Phillips voice, you'l have an inkling of just how disturbed I actually am.

Friday, 3 June 2011

I Am The Law: An Addendum

I thought I might show you the pencils for the Judge Dredd cartoon in order to illustrate what I actually did in Photoshop. It also, rather unfortunately, illustrates my disgracefully slapdash method of working. But, hey! Cut me some slack, Jack! I did say it was a very hurried job.
As I mentioned in the previous post, the main point of interest (interest? Ha!) is the substitution of the accused. I was just trying out a few ideas, hence the appearance of Isaac Newton contemplating a gravity-defying apple in the bottom left corner.
It's messy, scribbled and perhaps should have been best left unseen, but it's the way I work.
Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I Am The Law

This week's Caption Competition had a theme of Law, and - as is the case in these matters - all the entries may be perused here. There isn't a montage, you'll have to do a bit of scrolling and mouse-clicking and whatnot and stuff.
As usual, mine was one of the more simplistic ideas. Who is the law? Judge Dredd. Not only is he the Judge, but the Jury too. Yes yes, I know that he's the executioner too, but we've done away with the death penalty. This is Britain, dammit! Not Mega-City One.
It is another rather rushed job. The perspective is all over the place and consequently the prisoner in the dock is being presided over by a giant Dredd (wasn't there a Judge Giant at one time?).
It is a digital drawing and perhaps the most interesting point about it, from my point of view, is the fed-up looking accused chappy. In the original pencil drawing he was sweating and looking worriedly up at the judge. On the same sheet of paper, I drew a another figure looking resigned to his fate. When I scanned in the pencils I decided that the latter figure worked better than the former and so I replaced him using Photoshop.
You need to understand that as far as I'm concerned we have started to move on from technology and have begun to encroach upon the realms of magick. Why so? Consider this: less than a decade ago it would have taken you just less than a minute to physically walk around one meg of memory housed in an I.B.M. box. Today, I can hold in my hand a piece of metal measuring just about 9 x 4 cms and is barely 0.5 cm thick and it contains over seven (7, count 'em!) GIGAFRIGGINGBYTES! I reiterate: we have moved beyond technology.
Oh, I should have mentioned that the cause of my aged astonishment is my Apple nano. No moving parts and yet all that music!