Thursday, 24 May 2012

I Know. I Should Be Ashamed Of Myself.

Well, not only is the subject matter utterly disgusting, but it is also blatantly obvious that I have not got the slightest clue about camel anatomy. Nevertheless, it earned me eleven points here. So, I won't be carping on about it too strongly. Yes, gentle reader, I am smiling as I type, as I did not expect many points at all.
My thoughts wandered down two different paths before I alighted on the camel (Ho ho!). One path tended toward the Virgin Mary and the other toward Jesus performing conjuring tricks. I am mightily glad I eschewed both these areas as they were depicted far more competently than anything I could have achieved, as you, gentle reader, can ascertain for yourself by clicking on the link above. It will take you to the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain website and will even deposit you right on the very doorstep of the competition under discussion. Now, how's that for service, eh?
Good Points: My depiction of hands is getting better. I have been re-reading Bill Tidy's Fosdyke Saga and noticed that the great man himself only used three fingers per mitt and yet they still looked good and natural. Taking that as a lead, I have stopped fretting over drawing each digit for the sake of anatomical accuracy. Which brings me back to the camel. You knew it was a camel didn't you? Despite the lack of deep research on my part, the creature still looks very camelesque, doesn't it? It doesn't? Oh.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bad Choice, Bad Taste, Bad Brendini

I wrestled with my conscience for upwards of - ooh - six seconds before committing this image to posterior - POSTERITY - before committing it to posterity. I'm sorry, I appear to have started this entry with a bit of a bum note. I'm being a bit cheeky aren't I (All references to the derriere courtesy of Carry On Alluding To My Bottom circa 1967)?
It is, of course, my entry for the weekly caption competition here. It was a wordless competition this week, with a theme of Bad Choice. 
My initial idea was based on a pun and wouldn't work on an international level, which is one of the raisons d'etre of these wordless entries. I won't divulge the details at the moment, because it could work as a cartoon in a different context. So, on to my second idea. Yes, well, never let it be said that I am a man of taste and refinement. Let this be a lesson to you: snakes and babies are NOT a good mix. Initially I thought about depicting the baby with a surprised expression. This was immediately dismissed by your author. Even I have limits. So I tried to go for a world-weary expression, an almost fatalistic acceptance of the situation. I also wanted to make the baby rattle stand out by using the complementary colour of orange as a background.
On the whole I think it works fairly well and it garnered seven points in total. My biggest niggle is that baby, rattle and snake appear to be floating above the blanket. Hmmmm.