Monday, 30 March 2015

Carry On Cartooning

Ooh Matron! I've got it in! This cartoon is in the latest edition of The Jester: The Monthly Magazine of The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain. The theme this month was innuendo. I'll just say this; it was a very smutty, filthy read and very funny.
I don't think any other nation uses the double entendre like the British do. I think we like to slip one in at any given opportunity. No matter how difficult a situation may be, I feel we always rise to the occasion. We maintain a stiff upper something or other (etc. etc.).
The chap in bed is loosely based on Sid James. The nurse is loosely based on Shirley Eaton. After several, miserable attempts to draw a pretty woman I decided to use Gil Elvgren as a template artist. In closing, I'll just say this; if you put your thingy over the picture and click it, you can see it get bigger. Fnarr fnarr!

A Very Quck Redrawing

Here we are, as promised, a re-working of the Einstein cartoon. Einstein, not Arthur Brown. It was drawn very, very quickly because I just wanted to get a better idea of a smug posture.
That's all. Let's move on shall we?

EDIT: So bloody quick I missed out an I in the title and forgot to include the caption!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Einstein Said Eeh Equals Em See Squared.

This is my entry for the last Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain's Caption Competition. I thought up and drew this too quickly. Why do I keep rushing all the time? In future I am going to will myself to slow down and take more time. Having said that I don't think this is too bad an effort. The smug expression on the teacher's face is just about right, but I now realise his body posture is completely wrong. This is one cartoon that I am going to re-work and I shall show you the result at a later date.
Perspective isn't bad, is it? Not perfect, but not bad.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

That Warm, Golden Inner Glow of Smugness.

Every now and again a whirling mass of chaos and unpredictability gels together and spreads a rosy light throughout one's personal skyscape. I didn't win this week's Cartoonists' Club Caption Competition, nor did I come second or third. I suppose it could be argued that, truth be told, I came fourth and that ain't bad at all. All well and good, I hear you say, but so what? Well, gentle reader, so this! Three rather eminent cartoonists had very nice things to say about my cartoon this week. To save you the effort of hunting through the salient thread in which they occurred, I shall pick them out for you.
Steve Bright of Bananaman and The Sun fame said this:
Excellent work all round, folks, but for me this week, The Great Brendini nailed it with a wonderfully poignant, painful and pathos-laden Brian, which I struggled to find for my own cartoon, and failed. Perfect expression - love it!
Roger Kettle, author of Beau Peep in The Star and Horace in The Mirror,said:
Steve, I forgot to mention that I agree with you about Brendan's gag. It JUST missed my vote but it was a sad/funny little gem.
Royston Robertson, contributor to such magazines as Reader's Digest, New Statesman, Private Eye and countless others, agreed by saying:
I liked Brendan's as it nailed the fact that whatever mundane thing you're doing, your whole life has been leading up to it! And somehow slicing the top off a boiled egg seemed perfect. Great expression on Brian's face.
THAT is so what? I can't remember being so big headed for ages!