Sunday, 1 May 2016

Aggressive Doggy

Well well well. With a huge yawn and a stretch that makes the muscles crack, I return to the art of cartooning after months of indolence and prevarication. The arrival of a granddaughter all sparkling and new, and gorgeous, and perfect in every way possible, put paid to a lot of cartooning time.No complaints there, at all. Now, I know I could be accused of bias, but my granddaughter is picture-book perfect. Don't believe me? This view has been ratified by Waitrose till workers and random dog walkers upon witnessing photographs on my mobile. These people have genuinely gasped and said she's perfect and beautiful. I am fully aware that my behaviour borders on the hinterlands of insanity, but I've never had a grandchild before.
So, back into the fray crying God for King Harry and St. George and all that bravado stuff. The aggressive doggy on the top left corner of this missive is my entry for this week's caption competition (other entrants are available). Yes, there are blatant errors of perspective within it, but I still think it's quite an amusing effort. Voting hasn't started at the time of writing, but even if I only get a CJP (a Crackerjack pencil to the uninitiated - it's a long story - CRACKERJACK!), it is good to get the old creative juices running again. I am currently pencilling a little piece inspired by Kate Beaton, about whom there shall be more anon.