Sunday, 27 January 2013

Anachronism:Its Place in History.

Just a quicky. I ventured onto Richard Skipworth territory with this one (He is renowned for his monks cartoons). Am I brave or wot?
The competition may be found here and as you may see a blank word was the option.
I tried to fix the monks in time, hence the ink-horn and the twine with stone to fix the vellum in place. This was done so hilarity would ensue by using the word Tipp-Ex out of chronological order. Or something.
Ernie Whey, I scored quite a few points, so all that research wasn't wasted.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I'm Going To Go to Hell For This, Aren't I?

Well, now. Where do I start? How on earth can I defend the indefensible? How can I possibly justify the desecration on your left? The short answer is that I can't.
You know and I know that when doggies wolf down doggy food, the end result is... unpleasant. In addition to this, you know and I know that Snoopy (a Beagle) just does not do... unpleasantness. So how on earth have things come to this? Don't blame me, blame the caption. It was set for this caption competition
Now, when I first began my cogitations on things of a smelly nature, things scatological didn't even go faintly bleep on my mental radar. The very first image that came in to my head was that of two skunks investigating a discarded bottle of Chanel Number 5. Chanel was uppermost in my mind because I had recently impoverished myself by buying a bottle for my wife. The aforementioned vision of beauty incarnate (my missus) suggested that I draw two skunks walking behind Brad Pitt as he was now the face of Chanel - a marked improvement on my own idea, I think you'll agree. Yes, I thought. Yes that would work very well. And then... and then I took the dog for a walk.
Dog walking frees the mind to a ridiculous degree and as we perambulated in preparation for poos and piddles (my dog's, not mine), it occurred to me that the phrase good grief was a repeating trope in the Peanuts cartoon. Peanuts was an early love of mine, but the freed mind is no respecter of past loves and the result is the blasphemous scribble you see above.
Okay, I hear you say. I didn't have to draw it, did I? I could have gone ahead with the caricature of Brad Pitt, couldn't I? This is true and there is no denying it. So, was I just being perverse by trampling over past loves? I can honestly say no. Even I could not debase part of my own development. No. The reason is this. Charlie Brown is easier to draw. 

Friday, 11 January 2013

A Holiday, a Holiday, And the First One of the Year!

 "At Last", I hear the panting multitudes cry, "a new masterpiece by the Master!" Well, and here I blush a little, I wouldn't call it a masterpiece per se, but it is a blessed relief to be able to produce something (virtually) tangible, having sorted out a sulky and unresponsive Bamboo tablet (Naughty tablet! Go to your room!).
It is my entry for cartoon competition No. 180 on a theme of Time Travel. Ironically, time (as usual) was against me due to technical problems that have tediously been pointed out before in previous posts, but I'm still very pleased with the result. It also got me points, and what do points make? Me a very happy cartoonist, that's what points make.
 The next step is to get pounds rather than points alone which would make me delirious, rather than just happy. To this end I have set up a rudimentary website. The contents and design are going to go through a radical change in the very near future, when funds allow. When that happens you will, gentle reader, be the first to know and knowledge is power, although I have yet to see a knowledge-powered light bulb.