Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Scantily Clad Woman in a Wardrobe? Where's the Pun in That?

How about this? My second blog entry in two consecutive days. Funny ol' world, innit?
This was my contribution to the weekly caption competition under the aegis of the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain  and clicking on the link will take you to the other entries. Yes, the other four entries. There were only five of us taking part his week. Upon learning this news i rubbed my hands together with glee. With so few competitors I was bound to get a good many votes. What is about to be narrated to you is what the Greeks call hubris. With so little, numerically, in the way of competition and in view of the fact that this is one of my better efforts, a good proportion of the votes HAD to come my way. It is a statistic certainty.
Well, I watched the early voting and thought, do you know what? There is a very good chance that I may win this week's competition. It never crossed my mind to tot up the other entrants post. No, this was all about me me me. So the morning after voting began I went to work and began thinking about captions for next week's competition. Not only that, I actually made a list; a list of captions whittled down to four in number, that I could draw upon when the request came for the provision of creative spring-boarding.
Well, a number of people did, in actual fact, think highly enough of my cartoon to award it their top score. Once the dust had settled and the count was in I scored twenty. Yup, 20, vingt, two-zero. I can't really remember the last time I had such a high score.
I came fourth out of five. There is a lesson to be learned here, but I'm too egotistical to know what it may be.
I shall now strip away the mystique of the creative process and stick the two preliminary drawings I did for this cartoon. The first one is little more than a crude scribble just in order to get the idea down on paper. As I jotted down the gentleman, I thought he ought to be wearing garterettes. Spike Milligan's Q series (possibly - it may have been There's A Lot Of It About) used to have spoof commercials for Threadgold ThoroughGrip Garterettes, complete with a jingle that I can still sing to this day.
A little bit of self-imposed prudery crept in, I notice. In the scribble, the Wardrobe Mistress is topless. In the tighter pencils she's wearing a bra. Perhaps I felt she needed a bit of support. I also made her more the point of focus in the second drawing.
I knew the girl would have to be pretty and well proportioned so I looked at a load of seaside postcards for inspiration. Doing this made me knuckle down and analyse the cartoon figure in all its proportions a bit more and in this respect I think the most successful figure of the trio is the wife.
I shall be moving on to a particular pet project later this week, more of which anon.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Weird Fish Competition - A Trawl Through The Entrants.


I'm not too sure what the lay-out of this blog is going to look like, but you should be able to click on the piccies to make them bigger. What the de'il are they? I hear you ask. These were my entries to a recent Weird Fish competition to design a tee-shirt for the R.S.P.B.. I have added a Facebook link here which you may like to explore at your leisure and peruse the other entrants.
I didn't make it to the finals, but I had an awful lot of fun doing these and it made me explore PhotoShop less timidly than I had before. In other words, it was a highly educational, self-evaluating and fun exercise.
The winner happened to be the one I voted for, by Tim Harries and yes, it was a lark running away from a rolling boulder. There were quite a few larks running away from boulders, but Tim's lark is running away from an egg-shaped boulder. That, dear reader, is a mark of genius.
The tee-shirt should go on sale in November this year. I most definitely shall be buying one.
Of my designs, I have placed them in the order of creation and for clarity's sake they were Raiders, Wuthering and Redshank.
Raiders was entirely hand drawn with inked over pencils on a light-box, then scanned in and coloured in PhotoShop. This took a VERY long time.
Wuthering Kites was a scanned-in image of the 1939 film poster and painted over the top by me. An awful lot of letter manipulation took place in this piece and I used about ninety gazillion layers producing it. This also took a VERY long time. I was still learning on the job (I personally think this is the ropiest looking of the three).
By the time I got to Redshank time was running a bit short, but due to everything I had learnt on Wuthering, I worked more quickly on this one. I didn't shilly-shally about with hand-written lettering either and of the three, I think this one looks the most professional. There are a few bits in it that make me wince, but it was all grist to the mill.
I absolutely loved this little project. A real appetite whetter.
A lot went on this week, in terms of me producing work. So, more anon.