Monday, 25 January 2010

An Apology.

I have been behaving like a gormless oaf. Since I started this blog I have neglected to acknowledge any comments made after a post. This sort of behaviour may seem arrogant and aloof, but it was brought about through pure ignorance on my part. I am determined to be a better blogger in future and I proffer my apologies to those who took the time and effort to comment.
In addition, may I offer my belated thanks to those of you who decided to become followers of this blogsite. Ta very muchly one and all.


  1. I wouldn't call you a gormless oaf you *@!!^^/
    so and so LOL...great blog..keep em coming..

  2. That's very kind of you, John, but anymore language like that and you'll be sitting on the naughty step. :)

  3. I presumed it was because you are technologically challenged.

  4. How dare you, Dave! I am merely rude.

  5. And, of course, you have made an art of your rudeness.

    Don't forget that being aloof is also an art.