Monday, 15 February 2010

A Gallimaufry Gallery of Cartoons

If a picture's worth a thousand words, mine have a speech impediment. These are some of my entries to the weekly caption competition on the Cartoonist's Club of Great Britain website. Do visit it, please, it's a great site. The captions are not my own, I merely added the images.

Incidentally, clicking on the piccies will turn them into biggies.


  1. Welcome back. Perhaps you'll stop worrying about my sartorial (in)elegance now.

    Oh and by the way, this suggests a 50% Frankenstein content. And Igor is looking rather familiar.

  2. Dave, I had more hair back then, if that's what you're suggesting.
    Looking over my drawings, I have noticed a very marked Universal Studios monsters trend. I suspect I know the reason for this and I will explore it a little in my next posting.

  3. Dave, I have added another image to underline the point about Universal Studios. It throws your percentages out a little, I'm afraid.

  4. AS you can imagine, maths and me part company about now - 40% Frankenstein but 60% Universal?

    And just for you I posted a nice Private Eye cartoon from the 1970s on my blog.