Monday, 1 March 2010

Hie thee to London!

The Cartoon Museum is about to begin a new exhibition featuring Ronald Searle to celebrate his 90th birthday. The Master himself has helped to choose materials and drawings to be exhibited. Don't expect St. Trinian's girls or St. Custard's boys. Expect, instead, his more journalistic observations. I can hardly wait!! I'm a kid again. Something wonderful to look forward to. Hee hee! The whole shebang commences on the 3rd March and continues until July.


  1. Are you arranging a coach trip?

  2. Hello there - are you going to be posting about the sad death of John Hicklenton? It could open up a debate about assisted suicide. I know you mentioned earlier (when you started the blog) that you'd touch on politics.

    On that note - the next few weeks could be interesting (yawn) - here's my take: let's have the revolution now and stand them all up against the wall and shoot them.

    I love being a liberal-minded individual.

  3. Dave, I have to confess to a complete ignorance of Hicklenton's work. I can only direct people to another blogsite called Bear Alley for an expert's appreciation.
    I watched a documentary, about a year ago, which followed a family's decision to use the service offered by Dignitas. The set-up looked bleakly utilitarian, to my eyes, and hugely lacking in dignity.
    Politics? Don't get me started on £$%??&&** politicians! Without wishing to sound like part of the "they're all the same brigade" I wonder just how many members enter the house with any political ideals and not purely with an eye on personal aggrandisement? Civic duty or pure self-interest?I wonder which way the balance tips?

  4. Yeah, good point - which one out of Brown or Cameron do you think has the biggest knob?

  5. I know which one [b]is[/b] the biggest knob. Not only is he a knob, but the word "knob" also has a homonym which indicates his privileged background. I also think that he's a word that rhymes with yunt.

  6. Hannah says you've got more of a life than me, that's why you haven't written anything for ages.

    I need to get a life, evidently - I'm often told this - what's the secret? Where can I find one?