Monday, 5 July 2010

Caption Cartoon No. 49 No Cartoon No Ideas

The wind whistles, tuneless and low, through the withered branches of a dried out tree. Grains of sand move listlessly, if at all, over a barren and featureless landscape. The desiccated husk of a once living creature lies as a silent reproach to an unfulfilled future. What once were dreams have come to die a countless number of ignoble deaths in this bleak, forbidding, soulless, arid land. All is dust; dust and dirt and nothing lives. Anything that dares to rise up and scream out in anger to an empty void "I am alive and I shall live," is immediately struck down and destroyed for betraying such brash impudence. How dare it presume to live?
I think the foregoing very accurately describes my creative ability this week. I could not for the life of me think of anything that imaginatively caught fire. The caption should have been the seed-bed of fecund creativity. The caption was "It's showtime!" Brilliant isn't it? So, why couldn't I come up with an image to match?
Do you want to know what I came up with? Well, whether you do or you don't, here they come. I scribbled down an Aztec High Priest about to sacrifice a surprised looking victim. Two worried looking dolphins in a Seaworldyesquetype theme park. A flasher in front of two old ladies in the park. A chorus line of Daleks with hats and canes. A dog scratching itself in a flea circus. An open flower nudging a closed flower in front of an impatient-looking bee. A male Peacock displaying for a Peahen. That's it. Nothing really worked for me.

Now look at this week's entries here.

Green? Green with envy? Moi? Of course I am. I loved the Penguins. Now why couldn't I come up with something like that?
Next week's competition is extra special with real prizes involved, so I have to lift my game; unlike a certain team in a well known global competition accross which we ought to draw a veil (actually a heavy curtain would be better).

Last night I drew a little mood piece, that's it at the top. Don't worry, I'm not suicidal or anything like that, just a little clueless at the moment.
Just wait until next week!
By the way, just a little reminder that if you click on my efforts they'll get bigger (fnarr fnarr!).


  1. This made me laugh out loud.....I have this problem every week...and when I do enter ...well needless to say i do a lot of drawing with "crackerjack" pencils.....hope you come up with a winner this week ...

  2. Thanks, John, that's very generous of you. I've just had two very weak ideas this week, one of which involves a sex shop the other requires an intimate knowledge of British horror films of the seventies and will also require that I draw a likeness of Ingrid Pitt.
    care to guess which one I'm going to go for?