Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's a Bit Bleedin' Quiet 'Round 'Ere, Innit?

I have not been very productive of late, due to events outside the life of this blog (i.e. reality colliding with hopes and aspirations). So, as a sop to the eager masses (F.X - silence, barring the chirping of crickets) I shall put up an oldish effort. To wit, three old biddies undertaking the noble art of black magick. Well, two of them are. I thought it would be awfully witty to have the more inexperienced member to carry out her nefarious deeds on a ventriloquist's dummy.
In the hands of a better artist it may have worked. As it is... well I don't think it's too bad actually. It was originally for one of the caption competitions and sank sans trace, so lets just keep this one to ourselves, shall we?


  1. . . . and you're back in the room.

    Welcome back - some brush work there, I detect. Excellent. Good effort. Nothing better than a brush up.

  2. Hahaha... it´s the new trend... imported from Haiti.

  3. Like it - Got any more of those long pins? I have a few subjects for them if you get my meaning!