Friday, 3 August 2012

Two Naked Men In A Urinal: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Do you recognize the joyful glee represented by the lettering in this addition to my infrequent epistles to the virtual ether? The drawing on the left here gained me bronze (in Olympic parlance) on the weekly Cartoonists' Club caption competition podium. The theme this week was gold.
 I'll let you into a little cartooning secret here: walking the dog releases the mind. While the dog wuffles about concerning her mind with things of doggy import,your author (and artist) is left free to wuffle about the cartooning corners of the cartoonist mind.
The theme was suggested by the London 2012 Olympics and thusly my mind turned to the ancient Greeks and thence to King Midas and after that the whole intellectual edifice came crashing down and my mind, as usual, descended to the toilet and men's gangly bits for a cheap laugh. Regular readers will know that I have no scruples.
So, why are they naked? I thought it would be a nice touch to emulate the style of the black-figure images on ancient Greek pottery. That's all. Nothing sexual at all. So, if you've come here looking for smut you'll be sorely disappointed won't you?
I drew some pencils in preparation for this one and for the first time in a long while I am more pleased with the final result than with the pencils. All in all, a jolly good week. I am, most definitely, a heppy, heppy ket.


  1. Good one Brendan....signed disappointed smut

  2. John, one bristle brush, one pair of industrial Marigolds, one bottle of disinfectant. You know what needs to be done.