Sunday, 27 January 2013

Anachronism:Its Place in History.

Just a quicky. I ventured onto Richard Skipworth territory with this one (He is renowned for his monks cartoons). Am I brave or wot?
The competition may be found here and as you may see a blank word was the option.
I tried to fix the monks in time, hence the ink-horn and the twine with stone to fix the vellum in place. This was done so hilarity would ensue by using the word Tipp-Ex out of chronological order. Or something.
Ernie Whey, I scored quite a few points, so all that research wasn't wasted.


  1. To be perfectly frank (is that supposed to be "Frank"?), yours is actually the only genuinely amusing one amongst the whole lot - too many obvious ones.

    However, I must argue the point of "a Tipp-Ex" -
    surely, "any Tippex?" Ah well just a pedantic thought.

    By the way: Are you aware that an old tutor of mine was Michael Williams from "Punch"? Great bloke.

  2. Wow! No I wasn't aware of that. I have always admired his work. My favourite depicts the Duke of Clarence being dragged towards a vat of Malmsey. He struggles in horror saying, "No! Not the '47!"
    Or somesuch.
    As for the Tipp-Ex/Tippex debate, I'm right, you're wrong. So ner!