Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dinosaurs in High Dudgeon

Would you Adam and Eve it (heh heh)? This is my entry for the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain's Weekly caption competition. Now then, on first perusing the caption Adam and Eve immediately popped into my aged and befuddled brain and it was Eve talking to Adam with that serpentine satan looking evil yet cool in the background. Not funny, just weird and vaguely disturbing. Then I thought, what if the first humings weren't even God's first choice? Hmmm, getting there. Who or what would have been His first choice? Big lizards! Pissed off looking big lizards with their arms folded. Well, it works for me.
A couple of sort of technical points ought to be laid out here. First up; God's right hand. As I drew it, it really worked. I think it is the best hand that I have ever drawn in my life. Now compare it to his left. Arrrgh! My only excuse is that I have always found that left hands are sinister. Ahem, yes - well, moving on. Adam and Eve's hands look ridiculous in comparison to God's. There is a very good reason for this. I am a bit thick. When I draw cartoons on the graphics pad for the competition I size it at 72dpi. When I zoom in to work on fine details everything turns into a Cubist experiment and I get a bit lost. There is undoubtedly a solution to combat this. I just haven't found it yet.
Onwards and , er, onwards.


  1. Not drawing it on paper and scanning it in, then?

  2. I did, but the pencils were fairly vague. My intention was to clean up at the "inking" stage.

  3. Actually, I like the expressions on the dinosaurs. However, all your blokes look like you (God's not a bloke). Great palm tree too.

    I also have another question about this cartoon but I think it'll sound better verbally than in cold print. Next time I see you, then. . .

  4. If it involves my, at best, tenuous grasp of human anatomy then I don't think I wish to know.