Monday, 21 October 2013

Whale Meat Again...

This is my entry for this week's caption competition. Now then, when the caption was first announced my mind went into white noise mode. Nothing coming through. No, still nothing. Nope, not a sausage. Wait! Wait a minute! The clouds are parting! I see shadowy forms. Fish! I see fish. A mackerel dressing up as a shark and... what a crap idea.
Come Sunday morning I thought this is going nowhere, then quite unbidden that footage of the killer whale taking a seal off the beach came to mind. You know, that footage. From that David Attenborough programme. The one with the killer whale on the beach. Yeah, that one. Well that came to mind and I rushed to grab my Bamboo pad. Everything, from start to finish was done on the pad. No preliminary pencils, just two books on the polar regions for reference and away I went. The result was that two people gave me their top marks and you can't say fairer than that now can you? Especially with your mouth full! Whatever happened to table etiqette?

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