Monday, 12 May 2014

A Victorian "Selfie".

I just cannot believe my good fortune! I am the winner (Just! By two points) of this week's Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain's caption competition. As usual, I wish I had allowed myself more time. Had I done so I would have added an aspidistra or two and swags of velvet would have been hung about. The time I had set aside was gobbled up by me chatting to fellow dog walkers. Having said that, the need to work quickly certainly loosened up my style and gives the finished article a bit of zip and verve.
There used to be a Punch cartoonist called Sprod and bits of this week's drawing remind me of him. Enny whey, cheshire cat grin time for yaws truly.


  1. Well done. Is that "chatting to" or "up"?

  2. congratulations Brendan..definately a worthy winner..:)

  3. Thanks, John. I really appreciate that.