Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I didn't get any points whatsoever in this week's Caption Competition. Am I down-hearted? |Do I want to slash my wrists? Not a bit of it. I really, really really enjoyed drawing this cartoon and it made me laugh inside. I had to draw it incredibly quickly, because I only had a half hour window; although I had made some prepatory pencils the night before.
From the very start I wanted to keep things as loose and spontaneous as possible. To this end I only wanted the gist of the two main characters. I wasn't going to do a detailed, closely studied caricature of Edward Woodward or Christopher Lee, just a vague approximation and, to my eye, it pretty well came off. I also played around a bit with brush sizes which was pretty daring for me, considering the time constraint and how very quickly it could have gone horribly wrong.
So, on the whole, I'm very pleased with this effort. It is by no means the best cartoon I have ever drawn, but the lightness of touch is most definitely the general direction I want to follow.
For the uninitiated I ought to explain that this is my riff on The Wicker Man. The thought of Lord Summerisle whistling nonchalantly to Howie's question still amuses me. It never happened in the film, but it is essentially what the film is about.
Tee hee!

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