Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Tribute to Martin Honeysett

This week's competion was a tribute to the recently deceased master, Martin Honeysett. The entries were all equally brilliant to my eyes.
This was a really interesting personal excercise. Before I even started, my subliminal amalgam of Honeysett cartoons in my mind was of anger. The strongest sense was that of 'angry eyes'. Research soon dispelled this notion as the cartoons I revisited (with great joy)depicted broadly happy faces (if in usually macabre circumstances). His style also changed quite dramatically over the years and yet remained "Honeysett" throughout. 
So why did I have a sense of 'angry eyes'? I think it came from one single cartoon. Two bears are changing into teddy bear costumes. One bear angrily remarks to another, "If there's one thing worse than being in a zoo, it's being in a children's zoo." 
An amazing week. Circumstances prevented me from voting, I'm glad to say. I couldn't have made a final choice.

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