Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Weird Fish Competition - A Trawl Through The Entrants.


I'm not too sure what the lay-out of this blog is going to look like, but you should be able to click on the piccies to make them bigger. What the de'il are they? I hear you ask. These were my entries to a recent Weird Fish competition to design a tee-shirt for the R.S.P.B.. I have added a Facebook link here which you may like to explore at your leisure and peruse the other entrants.
I didn't make it to the finals, but I had an awful lot of fun doing these and it made me explore PhotoShop less timidly than I had before. In other words, it was a highly educational, self-evaluating and fun exercise.
The winner happened to be the one I voted for, by Tim Harries and yes, it was a lark running away from a rolling boulder. There were quite a few larks running away from boulders, but Tim's lark is running away from an egg-shaped boulder. That, dear reader, is a mark of genius.
The tee-shirt should go on sale in November this year. I most definitely shall be buying one.
Of my designs, I have placed them in the order of creation and for clarity's sake they were Raiders, Wuthering and Redshank.
Raiders was entirely hand drawn with inked over pencils on a light-box, then scanned in and coloured in PhotoShop. This took a VERY long time.
Wuthering Kites was a scanned-in image of the 1939 film poster and painted over the top by me. An awful lot of letter manipulation took place in this piece and I used about ninety gazillion layers producing it. This also took a VERY long time. I was still learning on the job (I personally think this is the ropiest looking of the three).
By the time I got to Redshank time was running a bit short, but due to everything I had learnt on Wuthering, I worked more quickly on this one. I didn't shilly-shally about with hand-written lettering either and of the three, I think this one looks the most professional. There are a few bits in it that make me wince, but it was all grist to the mill.
I absolutely loved this little project. A real appetite whetter.
A lot went on this week, in terms of me producing work. So, more anon.

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