Monday, 26 April 2010

Caption Comp. No. 39

Well, after last week's euphoric fourth placing, what did I get this week?
Nothing, zilch, nada, nul point, zero, a complete absence of marks, nought, nowt, nuffink, sod all, a marks vacuum, sweet Fanny Adams, the square root of sweet shag all. Do you catch my drift?
Hands and faces let me down this week. You'd think, wouldn't you, that if I really wanted to take this cartooning malarky seriously, a modicum of ability wouldn't go amiss. *SIGH* Just as the feet started getting better too.
Still, on to the next challenge...


  1. Yes her feet look good, and nice use of the long skirt so not having to draw any more feet.

    Where are you getting your content ideas from? All my ideas of course have been done by them Simpsons lot evidently lol...

  2. My youngest loves retro fashions.

  3. You should do a post room scene with gusto, windy 1 and windy 2. Good times :)

  4. If you can create that on a 2d sketch even I would be impressed!