Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Captionless Caption Competition No. 40 Cartoon Thing Etc.

Well, Ladies and Laddies, Gels and Guys, I am absolutely cock-a-hoop and as pleased as Mr. Punch this week. Thirteen (13, count 'em - THIRTEEN) points for yours truly this week. That's the most I have ever had. I also came fifth which is not a disreputable position I think you'll agree. For those of you scratching your heads, the theme sans caption this week was "Superglue". And yes, once again Universal Pictures dictated my thought processes. I have no understanding of why black and white monster fillums of the 1930s, which I may only have seen once, should have such a stranglehold over my imagination, but - well, thirteen points.
Without wishing to look like I'm blowing my own trumpet, I am very proud of this week's effort (pass me that bugle, would you?). I've tightened up my drawing technique, the feet are starting to come good (I'll have to keep an eye on those mitts, though), the shading isn't so scrappy as it has been in the past and - um - that's it really. Best of all, and this outshines all the foregoing, I know for a fact that it made somebody laugh out loud (a 'belly laugh' was the actual term used). THAT outweighs everything else.


  1. That looks like you keeping abreast of things there! Whose giving you points and what it is going towards?

  2. Professor John Sutherland, like many before him, sought the answer to the question of "How does Victor make his monsters?" (cf "Is Heathcliff a Murderer?" 1996, OUP). Amongst all the "filthy stuff" of the creature's creation there are suggestions of all sorts of fluids, so perhaps "the work of his hands" as Shelley put it, isn't the sticky stuff it has long been presumed.

  3. Mark, if you go here:
    All will be explained. Each week the slate is wiped clean.

    Dave, that's a rather worryingly onanist reading of:"I succeeded in discovering the cause of generation and life..."

  4. Didn't get chance to vote this week but I'd have given you my vote...great cartoon.

  5. Cheers, John. I don't want to appear big-headed, but I was really pleased with it. It has a feel of a captured moment in a series of events for me, and I don't often achieve that.

  6. Seems a good site and a worthy challenge each week. And yes, capturing a moment is hard. I was thinking of a super glue idea while driving home and I would need 2 reactions/situations in one drawing, humph! The Gordon (I put my foot in it)(again) Brown one is good, and after looking at that site and the task set, I appreciated your one more too.

  7. Okay, if you think that's bad, try Chapter 5:

    "I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body."

    What's that, Victor? You're trying to bring it back to life - that's not what I call it."