Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Incroyable! New! Improved! Bigger Cheesier Grin!

Draw yourselves up closer to the fire, O best beloveds, and toast your tootsies comfortably in the embers, for I have an astounding tale to tell. Let the bitter, cold night-winds fade away ( By that I don't mean farts, by the way) and listen, open-mouthed and eyes agog as I tell you this; for the second week running I have gained silver on the winner's podium in The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain's weekly caption competition. I am still hugging myself. Everything just clicked into place for me. Long story? Well, it was either War and Peace or Moby Dick. Luckily for me I opted for the latter. Duane (Wombat) opted for the former. It just illustrates very graphically how two people can have the same idea and yet treat it very differently.
My first scribblings depicted two sperm whales, one white, one black, but it just looked awkward. Then, I hit upon using an octopus. An octopus can point. Three facial expressions: Anger, inquisitiveness and world-wearyness et voila!
O frabjous day! I'm a heppy heppy heppy Kat!


  1.'re getting good at this aren't you !!!

  2. Excellent, well done. Another success for intellectualism.

    With my English teacher's hat on: wearyness?

  3. Cheers, John.
    Dave, how does it go? I before Y except after Q.

  4. very nicely drawn; your best I think. rich vein of form, and not a boob in sight...

  5. Actually, Mark I'd hold judgement on that until after we've seen the back of the octopus' head.

  6. Actually, that should be "octopus's head" of course. Hoist by my own petard.