Sunday, 12 September 2010

Why Am I Wearing A Big, Cheesy Grin?

This week's little doodle placed me amongst the gods. That is why I am wearing a big, cheesy grin. I was voted into second place in this particular competition. There wasn't a montage available, so you'll have to scroll through all the lovely piccies. Incidentally, don't forget that if you click on the masterpiece to your left it will increase in size, majesty and glory.
Why did it go so right for me this week? I think it's because I'm finally starting to get facial expressions and body posture nailed. Noel Ford (yes, the Noel Ford) made special mention of the two chaps seated at the table, which was why he voted it as his number one. Personally, I'm very pleased with the lady on the right, she seems to have a personality that is lacking in a couple of the others. The pencils were even better in my opinion.
Perspective? Okay, the perspective is a little dodgy. Sexist? Do women like shoes? Do women like chocolate? This cartoon only came about through intense personal observation of the female of the species, so how can it be sexist?
The prosecution rests, m'lud.
Incidentally, I'm still grinning one week later.


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  2. Second attempt, hopefully without typos!...

    Brendan is too modest! I really liked this cartoon and thought all the body postures were spot-on and really tell their own story.

    I was not only flattered,, but amused by his reference to THE Noel Ford. It reminded me of a Punch gag I drew years ago. I can't remember the drawing or the caption precisely but I recall it featured a weedy, nondescript, middle aged bloke saying something like, "Well, as far as I'M concerned I'm THE Sean Connery."

  3. Interestingly, chocolate shoes would end the perennial problem of shoe storage.

    However, there is also the problem of last minute tantrums as you're trying to get out the door because the taxi's waiting with a wailing partner claiming, "But I HAVEN'T got anything to go with this dress because I ate them last week!"

  4. Well you like drawing boobs lol...