Sunday, 27 March 2011

My First Digital Drawing - The Journey Begins

What on Earth has happened to the smooth, flowing artistry of yore? Why is Brendini, world famous millionaire-playboy cartoonist, posting an illegible scribble on his Blog? This is an historic moment, that's why. From this little effort a universe of possibilites may ensue.

What you see before you, my friends, is my very first digital, paperless, virtual, doesn't-actually-exist-in-the-real-world drawing. I fully accept its rough and ready nature, but I find it incredibly exciting. Here's the reason why: A few weeks ago my wife bought me a belated birthday present. It is a Wacom Bamboo Fun graphics pad. It comes with two software packages, Photoshop Elelments and Artrage. I've had a little play around and I found that Artrage seems to be more user-friendly than Photoshop. It ought to be emphasised that I'm using these things from the standpoint of a complete ignoramus. Photoshop, especially, is pretty much a closed book to me. Most, if not all, online tutorials that I've stumbled accross seem to be aimed at photographers and distorters of historical archives rather than millionaire-playboy cartoonsists, but even I can see the boundless artistic freedom these packages are capable of.

What I have before me is not so much as a steep learning curve, but a learning cliff-face. Having said that, I have my boots, ropes, crampons (something used by climbers - not a feminine product for ladies) and a willingness to acquire the knowledge I need.

The cartoon itself is Leonardo Da Vinci drawing a water squirting joke flower. I thought I had better explain that fact because the manner of the cartoon's execution doesn't make that very explicit. I still like it. Me, grinning as I type.


  1. Actually, I think its looks very nice indeed. Love the scratchy quality of it, really brings it alive and looks classy. Been using a Wacom myself for virtually everything now for two years and its fantastic! I recommend a program called tabletdraw (shareware) its simple, obvious (thank god)and very versatile for line work. Keep on with the good work!

  2. Nice start Brendan,took me ages to master( I say master very loosely) digital drawing....I think Artrage is a great programme.I ve got the studio pro version now and never use nothing else....keep it going...

  3. "not so much as a steep learning curve, but a learning cliff-face"

    Speaking of which, have you seen any of the online tutorials for creating vector graphics? Man...they made my head hurt.

    Apparently the sort of thing I do, scanning a drawing and adding color and texture with the computer is referred to as raster...which has absolutely nothing to do with music from Jamaica.

    Anyway, I hope you will keep us posted with your progress!

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement, chaps, it's all very much appreciated. I was working on a Lone Ranger cartoon this afternoon when everything just went haywire! The drawing zoomed up to gargantuan size and two letter stencils pinned themselves onto the drawing. it weren't nuffink to do wiv me, guv. it woz the malicious poltergeist that resides within my lap top. I'm sure of it. :(

  5. . . . taking with it your complete mastery of the English Language, I assume?

    It was a series of tablets that seem to have got us into the trouble we're in now . . . as a diagnosis, I suggest you "keep taking the tablets" - but as soon as it gets difficult, enter the recovery position.

  6. Well Brendini, world famous millionaire-playboy cartoonist, that's a damn good start. I'm impressed (admittedly it's easy to impress someone who's only artistic skill is a vaguely passable cartoon rabbit), and look forward to regular additions to your blog.