Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Second Digital Foray

I really enjoyed myself with this one. This is my digital entry for the monthly caricature competition over at the Cartoonist's Club of Great Britain site here. So, how did it come about? It started off with a pencil sketch which I then scanned into the Artrage software package on the Bamboo Fun graphics pad. Next, I created a new layer in the package and "inked" over the pencils and with judicious use of "pen", "brush" and colour, I produced the almost life-like caricature you see before you. Next, I saved that particular layer which removed the underlying pencil guides so that only the "inks" and colour remained. And abracadabra, a masterpiece!

Who is it? What do you mean, who is it? It's obvious isn't it? Come on, come on, look again. Resevoir Dogs? Mr. Pink? Fargo? Ghost World? Don't make me tell you. Okay, okay. It's Steve Buscemi. How dare you? It does look like him! Yes it bloody well does! How many points did I get? Does it actually matter how many points I got? All right, all right, I didn't get a single one. There, happy now? Pleased with yourself? You certainly know how to take the fun out of creating digital masterpieces, don't you? All I'll say is this: You're going to look pretty bloody silly when the National Portrait Gallery come begging at my door. Just you wait and see.


  1. I always enjoy reading your posts and this one is no exception...if this is your first attempt at a digital caricature then it is very good as it isn't the easiest medium to use....keep going ,an use the layers as much as possible as it's easier to correct any mistakes if different parts of the drawing are on separate layers... john

  2. You could use it again as Willem Dafoe.

  3. John, Thank you for your very kind words. I actually thought you had it in the bag this month. It was also obvious to me that we used the same point of reference (it won't be quite so obvious to you, as you can see). My next post will be about layer usage on the weekly caption contest and how I utterly buggered it up!
    Dave, I could even use it as a self-portrait after a shave, a bit of hair growth, a bit of face elongation...(ad nauseum).

  4. Actually, with a bit of a beard, it could almost be a younger me . . .

  5. If I'm honest, I didn't recognise it at first, but then I compared it to one of the many photos on google and the likeness is remarkable. I guess if I was a film buff, I'd have got it. I like it