Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Vegetarian Cartoon By Brendini

The scribble on your left is my entry for the Cartoonist's Club of Great Britain Caption Competition number 99. I gathered a rather lovely ego-boosting ten points, but the laugh-out-loud winners may be perused at your leisure by clicking on the word here. HERE. The theme was vegetarianism. The, um, entity in the dock is a lettuce and my original caption was going to be "Hannibal Lettuce, you are accused... etc. etc." Then, after a while, I thought that my wording was labouring the point a bit too much, so I just let the mask establish the accused's identity.
The Judge is a carrot, not a parsnip and the barrister is a tomato and not a rubber ball. I feel it is important, at times, to point these things out. Oh ambiguity has its place and I'm all for it ordinarily, but not in the case of this cartoon. I believe in calling a spud a spud. I believe in calling... oh never mind.


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm! I might be a bit thick here, but if the crime is vegetarianism, shouldn't the judge and barrister look a bit more carnivorous?!

  2. Christine, go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head. No, don't look around at the rest of the class! You are not being big and you are not being clever. They are vegetables. if vegetables start eating each other... For goodness' sake, do I have to draw a - oh, hang on!