Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Further On Down The Road

Welly well well, what have we here? This, O best beloveds, is Brendini's very first venture into digital colour and as bright as bright can be. It was my entry for the weekly caption competition over yonder (this is yonder). Who is it? It is the Iceni Warrior-Queen, Boudica (It was always Boadicea when I were nowt but spangshuttler to a wragworp's bollygurner) and, as you can see, through my usual artistic endeavour I have managed to turn this noble and fierce woman into the Iceni Giraffe-necked lady. If you click on said illumination it will grow into an enormous portrait. Having done that, you will also see, I think, that despite the disproportionate body length and stuff like that, she is a bit of a fox. If you say that last bit in your own head in a Leslie Phillips voice, you'l have an inkling of just how disturbed I actually am.