Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear!

Well, now. This is precisely what happens when you try to rush things. It is, of course, for the weekly caption competition way over yonder at the Cartoonists' Club of Grand Britannia. Honestly, I could kick myself (grunt, grunt, OOF! Oooh me hip!). The theme being The Swinging Sixties, my thoughts turned naturally to things Dalekian. Daleks, Hippies, Beatles; what could possibly go wrong? Timing. I wanted to draw this particular cartoon in colour. I thought it might be rather groovy to have a psychedelic Dalek, but I just didn't give myself enough time. In the event I found myself hard against the clock before closing time and this was the result. The words are on a slant, the execution is pretty poor and I forgot to take the pencil layer out when I saved the image. And look! I forgot to sign it too! Probably a subconscious effort to divorce myself from the whole sorry affair. And yet, and yet it still got a vote! Not really deserved, but gratefully received.
Could do better. See me.