Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Where are the songs of Spring?

There is a very Keatsian feel to my entry for this week's competition. It was a do-your-own-thing option with a theme of Autumn. Upon seeing the theme, my mind immediately switched to R.P.D.M (Romantic Poets Default Mode). In fact, I defy anybody  to look at the word Autumn and NOT think of Keats' ode To Autumn. Go on! See! It can't be done.
The walkers in my cartoon are wearing rather outmoded costumes (costumes? - apparel). I mean, come on! Bobble hats? Fair enough,but I would contend that a bobble hat is a far more sensible piece of outdoor wear than a matching cagoule and gaiters (that particular combination just looks silly).
The cartoon itself is loosely based on reality. Alas, dear reader, I am guilty of making inane comments repeatedly during inclement weather, inducing my wife to make life-threatening statements of intent. In my favour, I do not wear gaiters and my woolly hat is bobbleless (it does make me look like a serial killer, unfortunately).
Looking at the cartoon objectively, there are still areas in dire need of improvement, but on the whole I'm quite pleased with it. The cat was a fairly late addition.

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  1. The image reminds that I'll want to hibernate in a month or so, until easter!