Friday, 14 October 2011

I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Man

Who is it? Oh let's not go through all that again. Hint: It's Freddie Mercury. 'Tis my entry for this month's caricature competition (I am now pointing to where you may see all the other entries ===> Ici. Scroll down a bit for the montage.).
To be absolutely honest, when  I saw the other caricatures I thought it was going to be a Crackerjack pencil for this particular International Playboy Millionaire Cartoonist, but at the very last gasp, just before voting closed, Steve Bright (yes, the Steve Bright) awarded me two points - two very treasured points.
I worked under some self-imposed restrictions this month. Before I started I was determined to make this drawing as loose and simplistic as I possibly dared. The pencils were very loose and scribbly and I tried to maintain that looseness on the Bamboo. On the whole, I pretty much stuck to my own brief with a few corrections to a few lines as I cyber-drew it. Am I pleased with the result? Pretty much, yes. The scariest moment was putting it out to the public domain in order to be judged. Pass me my brown corduroy trousers, would you? I also changed the brush size on the Bamboo to give me a more noticeably varied line which I think worked really well.
Hello? Still awake? Would you like to share a little secret? I was never a big fan of Queen. More of a King Crimson bod, but I don't suppose Robert Fripp will crop up as a subject for caricature.


  1. Nice likeness Brendan, not so sure about the teeth though!

  2. Great attempt Brendan....I agree with Chris his teeth could have been bigger and protruding...

  3. You are both right. I needed to do more dental work on Freddie Fang (Cor!! A little Reg Parlett reference there).