Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wotta Barjayne!!!

Two, yes two, new improved formula cartoons by Brendini and all for the price of one! Which is another way of saying that I have been neglecting this blog of late. So, this is a bit of a catch up piece.
 Ooookay, one very literal scribble and one which I thought was absolutely hilarious. As is often the case in these matters; things which I think are very clever or side-splittingly amusing are generally found to be simplistic and utterly unfunny by a majority of the human race. From the foregoing it may be surmised that I didn't get many points for either cartoon, but I sulk not, gentle reader. After all, some points is infinitely better than sweet Biggin Hill points, which some poor souls endure from time to time. And what do points make? Me happy, for one.
The black and white cartoon was the result of an inviolate caption (no changes allowed). The amazing technicolour cartoon was a free for all, anything goes themed cartoon; the subject being Superheroes.
The figure of speech (Ha! Slaps thigh) really is a speech. Which one? Do I hear you ask?
Why has it suddenly gone all quiet?
It is the St. Crispin's Day speech from Billy Shakespeare's Hal Vee (Act iv, scene iii). You may see a rather marvellous rendition of said speaks here.
I spent ages trying to think of a superhero cartoon. I initially came up with ideas along the line of a committee member saying to Superman "Well, if we want any tall buildings leapt over we'll let you know." Yeah, I know.
Then I started thinking about costumes. Most superheroes of yore wore tights. What if...
The result you see before you. Technically speaking, the background could have been a gazillion times better, but I got my Bamboo layers muddled up. And when I wanted to erase some colour, it started adding more (Bad Bamboo! Bad boy!).
I still think it's a funny cartoon. I just happen to be alone with this belief.


  1. No you're not alone Brendan ..the superman cartoon is really good...the figure of speech one took me a while to get ..stupid me...but once I got there I thought it was a good one too...I keep thinking I'll vote on the comp but there are so many good one's ,yours included ,that it does my head in trying to pick three....Keep up the good work...are you entering the caricature comp?

  2. Thanks, John. I think voting in the competition is excruciatingly difficult because of the high standard of work each week. And it's knowing that fact which makes even getting one or two votes such an uplifting buzz.
    I don't know about the caricature comp, all footballers look the same to me. Preening, self-centred, overpaid, moronic... etc. etc. ad infinitum.
    In other words I don't feel much affinity with 'em. So, perhaps I should enter and vent a little bit of this excess of spleen I seem to have built up :) .

  3. Ha - I didn't get the "figure of speach" cartoon, but loved the batman/superman one. I like "silly"!

  4. Yes I do get the figure of speach cartoon, derrrrr!