Saturday, 2 February 2013

Meanwhile, Back at Universal Studios...

Well, what do you think? Fairly well balanced in compositional terms. Perspective is pretty well sorted out. Nice, minimal use of colour accentuated by grey tones. Amusing imagery. Hacked off looking Boris Karloff derivative. All boxes being ticked. Yup. Pretty pleased with this effort.
So, how many points did I get in this week's caption competition ? Nada, Nuffink, Llaggeryb.
Let me state this for the record. I do know where everybody lives. I do own bricks. I love the sound of breaking glass.
Never mind, it's only a bit of fun. Yes, it's only a sodding bit of bleeding fun. A bit of heart-breaking, soul-destroying, ego-corroding FUN. Fun ha ha ha! Do you hear me? FUN! HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Well, I shall not be entering this week. Not out of a sense of misplaced pique. Even I am not that childish. No, I just will not have time. I have a lot to do in preparation for something of which I am very excited about. In fact I am hugging myself about it now. When the time is ripe I shall reveal all. It's no big secret, but I want to get it right from the start. So, lots of preparation needed, hence no competition entry. See? No hissy fitting.


  1. Actually, Brendan, after looking at the others for a second time, your cartoon is funnier than most of the others. Okay, I do think that the competition caption isn't very good, but some of them are quite poor (and far too obvious). I like the Creature's expression and Igor seems to be creased up - is he thinking what I'm thinking? Well, probably not, but then I always lean towards the seaside postcard.

  2. Steve Bell drew a seaside postcard for a Guardian summer special that still creases me up. It had all the subtlety of a flying hod of bricks. The caption was, "Have you seen my great big cock?"
    (it was a giant male chicken.)