Monday, 24 May 2010

Childhood Nightmares: Caption Competition No. 43

Well, well, well. And how many points did I garner this week? Let me see. Errrrmm.
Zilchola. Nuffinkini. Sweat Farnni Adamski.
A fellow competitor had a very similar idea to mine and came third with 23 points. You can see all the entries here. The difference? His was funny, mine was just horrible. Although, I was rather pleased with the monster's face - a very strong Baxendale influence there. The arms are all over the place (ho! ho!) and vary in size. Ohhh! There are just so many things wrong with this drawing. Nothing much else to say, really. There's always next week.
Anyway, I'm off to slam every door in the house.


  1. At least you're honest - and brave - enough to share them with us. Even the dodgy ones.

    I looked at the others for the first time (that's a useful link to allow us to see the competition). There were certainly some good ones there - there are also some . . . er, less good ones too. I liked the Dalek one - there's a nice fluidity to the cartoonist's style.

    Still, I'm sure that if Kate Bush had her arms around you now she'd be whispering "Don't Give Up" to you. Well, that or "Let Go".

  2. If Kate Bush had her arms around me do you honestly think I'd be drawing bloody cartoons?

  3. The Dalek one was by Steve Bright. He is what we mortals call a God.

  4. A good week this week. A mixture of the good, the bad and the, the bizarre!. I liked the died from man flu one best by Scotty. The standard of illustration is generally good, but the overall depth of some of them can be a little too straight forward. The concept is key. Sounds like you need to get that punch bag bubble and squeak! You should put your drawings on Facebook too if you haven't already. Make your own page especially for them. Get yourself out there Tyson!

  5. Thanks for all the kind words.
    Mark, Facebook isn't the most user friendly site in the world. Not for old geezers anyway.

  6. But Facebook is very popular and people have their own page for a certain subject rather than an account with everything etc.

    Alan was down this way last week and popped in. He's on FB and he's older than you, so no excuses!

    My last day is 4th June. Finally L!berated, or, HCL’d, or finally, Capita’d, but because of redundancy! And no, I haven't!