Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cartoon Caption Competition No. 44

Big cheesy grin time this week. My grin is so big the edges almost meet at the back and the top of my head is at risk of toppling off. Yup, that big. Despite all its faults - and there are many - I came joint third with this week's cartoon. The other entries are here, but you have to scroll down a little bit. Lots of clowns this week as you may have noticed. I tried to find out if there was a collective noun for clowns on the webtrinet, but I couldn't find a genuine one. Or, at least one that I consider to be genuine. May I suggest a klaxon of clowns?
Enny whey, fifteen points and joint third place, eh? Not bad for a badly drawn cartoon. The idea was quite strong and the facial expressions came right for me. The wrong things? The strangely elongated human bodies, the cocked up perspective, the fingers that seem to contain only two joints (joints? tee hee!) and look at that door in the background. I don't know what happened there. It was the last thing I drew and suddenly I couldn't draw a straight line to save my life.
Still, I took a lot of time over the toking doggy's expression and, without wishing to brag (too much), I got it right. It's so satisfying when it clicks.
By the way, the cheesy grin is back.


  1. Rolling, rolling, rolling, get those doggies rolling. . .

    By the way it's a Ronald of Clowns.

  2. Interestingly (ironically?) the verification word is "affug".

  3. What will you do if you got top marks?! Dance naked on top of your roof howling at the moon I imagine lol. This was a better effort; nicely drawn (for the most part; although I do worry about the state of your doors in your house; must be all the slamming!) and a more imaginative idea! I thought the Fox one with the Boss aftershave was good. What is it with Clowns all of a sudden? I think all the artists were in the same room at the same time last week! A steward’s enquiry needed for sure!

    I bet you’re really keen on the next theme of Daleks? Did you slip last week’s winner a 50 pence piece? ;) A real chance here to get up on that roof this week; best of luck...

  4. Dance naked on the roof of my house, howling at the moon? But I already...