Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Captionless Caption Competition Cartoon Week 47

Avast me hearties! This week's subject were Pirates, ha-harrr! And didn't it bring up a chest load of booty from Davy Jones' locker. It made a sentimental old sea-faring cook like meself quite proud o' me trade to see treasure such as this. O' course, you'll 'ave to scroll down in order to feast your eyes (ha-harrrr!). I be very pleased with me own efforts this week and I'll keel-haul any scurvy dog who says I shouldn't be.
P.S. Ha-harrr!


  1. Couldn't understand a word of that, but a nice little drawing you did there. I was in London yesterday (Wed) and saw this here bottled boat at Trafalgar Square, and thought ah haaaa.......Alan is down from the 28th June-13th July, and we will be having a get-together for sure. Your presents would be appreciated when said event is organised.

  2. Mark, keep me informed, but if Alan is followed around by a big white balloon...well, be seeing you!