Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Little Bit of Politics, My Name is Ben Elton, Goodnight

I thought I'd put this up now or else it will never see the light of day. On top of which BP seem to be getting their -um - stuff together now. Seen from the British Isles, I could not understand why Americans are blaming their President for not solving an ecological catastrophe that was not of his making. Sorry for the double negative, but you know what I mean. Wossallthatabaht? Why aren't the Bush family calling on the technical know-how of their oleagenous supporters of yore? Indeed, where is Red Adair? Speaking of whom, affords me the opportunity to repeat a joke too good to be lost and forgotten through the very many veils of time.
The joke had horrific beginnings with the Piper Alpha disaster in the late eighties, but the result is this: After capping the fire on Alpha Piper, Red Adair was having a well-earned drink in a Scottish pub. After a few minutes a Scotsman approached him.
"Are you Red Adair?"
"Yes, buddy, I am."
"Well then, allow me to buy you a double single-malt whisky for saving all that Scottish oil."
"Why, thank you very much."
A few minutes later he is approached by an Englishman.
"Excuse me,but are you Red Adair?"
"Yes, buddy, indeed I am."
"I think you're a remarkably brave man. Please allow me to buy you a scotch as a mark of appreciation for saving all that British oil."
"That's very kind of you, sir. Thank you very much."
A few minutes later an Irishman with a cleft palate approached him.
"Excuse me, but are you Red Adair?"
"Yes, sir, I am."
"Are you still dancing with Ginger Rogers?"


  1. Well done, you've done an excellent job in linking Holman Hunt, Fred Astaire and Barack Obama in one foul swoop. James Burke would have been proud of you. Not only that, you are keeping old jokes alive, too.

    Trivia point: did you know that the original goat Hunt bought to paint it died so he had to get another one? Presumably he ate it - what a waste if not! Goat curry, mmm . . .

  2. So, he became a sin eater?

  3. He was neither a Jew nor a Muslim. He wasn't a Rastafarian either.

    What's wrong with goat? It's great.