Thursday, 1 December 2011

Look Ma! No - Well, No Nothing!

This is another departure for thine veritably. The rather amazing bit of cartoonery business you are presently perusing on the sinister side of this very column was an entry to the CCGB caption competition. It earned me five points. In other words, two people enjoyed it enough to list it as one of their top three and the pleasure that that knowledge brings is almost indescribable. I love points and we all know what points make, don't we?*
The reason why this particular cartoon is something of a departure is because it is entirely digital. I know the  earlier Leonardo Da Vinci cartoon (see older posts) was also entirely digital, but that was more of an experiment than a finished cartoon. This 'Skincare' cartoon had all the preliminaries done on the graphics tablet. No doodles on pieces of paper. No rough pencils scanned in, nuffink. Everything, from beginning to end, was entirely digital, To my jaundiced eye it isn't half bad. Not perfect, but not bad.

* Me happy.


  1. It isn't half bad at all. You know how it is with the contest. There's 8 cartoons one really wants to vote for, but we're all forced to pick just three. I change my mind multiple times before I just have to vote.

    One negative thing I would say, and it's nothing to do with the gag - is that the signature is a bit distracting how it is, and especially as you coloured around it like that.

  2. You're right, Steven. It's too obtrusive and at an upward angle. Not even Giles did that (his was unobtrusive and at a downward angle).
    I really find voting an agony and every week I'm telling myself to harden my heart and omit some cartoons that deserve points, but just get pipped by others. Still, that's the nature of the beast.

  3. Love this one Brendan, well done my techno friend!