Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hello, Remember Me?

Goodness me! It's been ages, hasn't it? Where on Earth have I been? What time do I call this? I just treat this place like an hotel. I seem to spend all day just picking up things I drop on the floor! Well it's just not good enough. Things are going to change around here... etc. etc.
Well, I can proffer no excuses, merely my indolence for part of the reason. Trying to keep up with a Springer Spaniel puppy is the larger part of the reason.
Nevertheless, what is the pikchar on the left all about? It is my entry for last week's Caption Competition. Or is it? The version I entered is not the version you see here. To see the original you need to click HERE. If you want to read this blog, you're going to have to do a little work. You can't expect to be spoon-fed all your life. For those of you who are too gosh-durned lazy to look HERE the caption was "OK! I'll talk!"
My thoughts turned to parrots and ventriloquist dummies. Others also thought the same way which is why this competition is so intriguing. The same idea may spring up now and again, but the individual treatment and outcome of that idea is what I find so fascinating.
I even contemplated re-using my own ventriloquist cartoon ("Call the golice!"),but changing the caption. It would have worked. Eventually the idea of a stool pigeon entered my fevered mind, so I went with that. My intention was to give the cartoon a film noir feel, so I researched period New York Police uniforms. I think these little details add a certain je ne sais quoi. Or maybe not. I dunno. In the event, I ran out of time and had to submit a very hurried facsimile of my intent. Even so, two people gave me their top marks and two more deemed it worthy of a vote too. All of which pleased me no end.
After the event I gave the cartoon a few tweaks; some subtle, some not so, and the result is what you see above. I also felt that, in keeping with the film noir feel, it could accommodate a new caption. The new caption would go as follows: " Okay, so Louis Pignatarro is at the bottom of the Hudson takin' swimmin' lessons from the fishes. An' he ain't gonna be finishin' them any time soon. Lenny Martello thinks I had a hand in it. What I'm sayin' is things is gettin' hot fer me. Too hot. What I'm sayin' is the ante has just gone up. Ya hear me? Living in a dovecote ain't enough no more. From now on, if you want me to spill, it's gonna have to be a pigeonniere."

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  1. Missed ya pikchars - hope the poop clearing has improved!